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About Dandaro TV

Dandarotv is the first Zimbabwean 24 hour internet tv station bringing you professionally made programs for all age groups, all needs and suited for all times. Unlike other media platforms, all our material is fresh, edgy and consistent Dandarotv is available where ever there is an internet connection, it could be on the bus, train, living room or even at work places. We will consider the viewers in every program we make and we will interact with the viewers in our forum. Our programs are made on a daily basis, therefore there is always something new to watch everyday. We believe viewers respond better to visual information, people spend more time on the computer than on tv or radio, hence dandarotv comes in internet format. Dandarotv aims to unite all Zimbabweans across the globe, to achieve that, dandarotv's is non-political, non divisive and is presented in all of Zimbabwe's main languages, that is English, Shona and Ndebele.

The company was founded in 2008 by 4 , vibrant men based in the UK. Danai had the vision for the project, the passion to believe it would happen and the drive to make it happen .He came up with the idea on his own, did a lot of research around internet tv stations, webdesign, web-business and decided to take on the challenge. He was then joined by Brian Madzvamuse, a Coventry University Media Graduate, who loves the camera and the technical side of media production. Brian Madzvamuse has brought quality, passion and dedication. Brian Zulu then joined the production team later on in 2008. With his background in media, marketing and research , he was the needed part to complete the puzzle. He has brought team-work, hunger and professionalism.

The content is designed for the Zimbabwean audience. Fun loving, passionate and committed fans who want to watch shows that entertain, inform, educate and help expand their life experiences. The audience expect professionally produced programming but wants it to be unexpected, smart and real. They also want to watch tv shows whenever they want and wherever they want to watch. The solution was to give them an internet tv station.
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